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Let's go paperless

If your organization is on a drive to go paperless by automating your internal processes, then you have come to the perfect website. Andromeda is a company offering ICT tools and services to help in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. It is comprised of innovative professionals who generate ideas, develop software, and provide training as well as support services on behalf of other organizations who are working to catalyze development.

An affiliate of Infinit Solutions, Andromeda primarily focuses on working with organizations in the development sector, start-up entrepreneurs, and businesses providing services to the masses. We provide the ICT tools, services, and capacity needed to automate and optimize the delivery of these services. Our digital migration strategy helps organizations in boosting efficiency and productivity for maximum results.

Take your productivity to the next level with Kaizen HRMS

Kaizen is an award-winning application developed by Andromeda to help individuals and organizations to be more productive and efficient. The main goal of Kaizen is to boost productivity and growth on a personal and organizational level.

Do you feel like you have been slacking in achieving your goals? Are you sick of being an average performer? Are you a procastinator? If the answer is yes, then Kaizen is your perfect companion.

Kaizen takes you out of the comfort zone, ensuring that you are productive on goals that you have set for yourself or fellow team members.

Kaizen software - Human Resource Management System

Kaizen, the award-winning software

Two innovation awards, so far

Website Development & Hosting in Malawi

A website is your online office. Chances are more people will visit your website more than they will visit your physical offices. Hence, your website has no choice but to be smart, interactive, easy to find, and aesthetically pleasing to your clients’ eyes. It needs to have rich and animated illustrations, precise content, tools that help you attend to your clients or stakeholders fast, and security mechanisms.

Our web development process involves not only building the website but also designing eye-catching graphics, videos, and animations to illustrate your web content precisely and captivatingly. We will build and incorporate any tool that you need to have on the website. If you like, we will also provide a domain name for your website and host it on our servers. This will give you the complete freedom you deserve when it comes to managing and updating your online office.

Our web hosting packages come with unlimited emails, subdomains, databases, disk space and monthly bandwidth.

Let’s make your online office help you deliver your company’s goals.

Put your business online

Hot Website Deal

For a limited time, we have slashed our minimum website development and hosting package. At only K150, 000, you can get a website, a domain name, hosting, corporate emails, databases, unlimited web storage, and disk space.

Hurry up and text the word "Website Deal" to +265 985 777 002 via WhatsApp. You can also drop us an email to [email protected] and we will respond to you swiftly.

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